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I'm working on a project to scan as many of the old GHS Yearbooks as I can find.  I plan to put them on CDs and provide copies to the GHS LIbrary as well as the public library.  In addition, the San Antonio public library will maintain copies in its genealogy section. 
I have the following years completed and on CD; 1908, 1911, 1923-1948, 1950-1965, 1986,  and 1990.  Currently in process are 1949, 1983, 1991, and 1995. 
The old year books are great fun to read.  I figured preserving the old ones on CD will provide a permanent storage in case of a disaster as well as make it easy to provide copies to those who may have lost theirs.
The Geneva Public Library has the archives of the old yearbooks in its genealogy section.  I plan to spend a few weeks each fall in Geneva scanning yearbooks.  (Not to mention visiting old friends.)  This Fall (October 2009) I plan to scan some of the early Spencerian yearbooks as well as more of the Aquilas from the late 60s and 70s.
Both the genealogy society and the library archives will have copies of the completed CDs.  Both will allow you to make copies (you have to provide your own blank CDs.)
If you can't make it to the library or would like a custom set of selected years, I will do that for you at a cost of $10 per disc.  I always put as many years on a CD as I can.  For example, if you select yearbooks from 1959-1963, I would include several additional years like 1908, 1911, 1923, etc. until the disc is full.
If you would like more information, please contact me at

"The Baubel"

This is one of the earliest Senior Class Year Book I know of.  This page contains several pages of the 1911 year book.  (I now have the 1908 yearbook, which is the first ever I think.)  Click on the small pictures to get the full size picture.

1911 Title Page



Classrooms and faculty were "different" looking!

Faculty 1

Seniors (sample)

Students were "quaint", as well.

Junior class

The big sports were baseball and basketball.  Football was a "poor relation" in the sports lineup.  The 1910 team played only three games, lost every time, and then quit due to lack of interest.  The team also had no coach and little equipment!


Girls Basketball

Ads appeared at the end of the book.  Note the phone numbers.  Also, check out the ad for Martin Furniture.  (He offered undertaking service and made picture frames.)

Ads page 86

Ads page 87