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Class of 1938

Board of Education

Mr. Albert A. Searle, President

Mr. Charles Bonsor, Vice President

Mr. Charles J. Ford

Mr. Virgil T. Bogue

Mr. E. L. Manthey



Mr. David R. Frasher, Superintendent


Faculty And Staff

Mr. Harry E. Peck, Principal, History

Mr. Robert L. Barr, Coach, Geography, History, Sociology

Miss Mildred C. Beckwith, History

Miss Dorothy Diles, American Literature, Latin

Mr. Alfred M. Ekern, Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing

Miss Elsie Fleming, French, English

Miss Sarah L. Gough, English

Mr. Richard R. Hilty, Science, Biology

Mrs. Edna C. Holt, Music

Miss Effie Hysel, Mathematics, Algebra

Mr. Harry L. Landsman, Chemistry, Physics

Mr. Daniel Lutz, Geometry, Algebra, Advanced Math

Miss Irene Overholt, Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping

Mr. Raymond Overturf, Physical Education, Physiology

Miss Mildred Sampson, Home Economics

Miss Jeanette Skidmore, Latin, English

Mr. E. A. Spafford, Chemistry, Physics, Science

Miss Christine Sparrow, Shorthand, Typing, Business Math

Miss Mary E. Wilkison, Physical Education, Physiology



Miss Florence L. Irwin, Librarian

Miss Alice Stillman, Assistant Librarian

Miss Alma Pelton, Secretary

Mr. Merle W. Gruey, Head Custodian

Mr. D. R. Argust, Janitor

Lloyd Brown, Janitor


Floyd Morey (Deceased)
Harold Williams