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                                                                                 1963 CLASS HISTORY 




America has often been called the "melting pot of nations." In a very similar way, the Class of '63 also represents a "melting pot," for it con­sists of members from three schools rather than just one. In 1960 both Spencer and Austinburg High Schools consolidated with Geneva High, and now these schools exist only in memories. There is now only one Alma Mater--that of Geneva High School.


Prior to the consolidation, the Class of '63 at Spencer High consisted of approximately fifty members. As freshman the class was led by the officers Frank Recher, Mark Meetin, Ted Neuman, and Kathleen Woerner; and by Mr. Bailey and Mr. Reese as sponsors. When sophomores, their officers were Frank Recher, Tom Crabtree, Dave Tirabasso, and Jim Weaver; and their sponsors were Mr. Drupple and Mr. Jones. In both years the class sponsored a dance as a fund raising project.


As freshman and sophomores in Austinburg, the Class of '63 averaged a little less than twenty-five members. In their freshman year they were sponsored by the officers Charles Judson, Pat Korn, Mary Anseeley, and An­drea Johnson. As sophomores, their sponsor was Mrs. Amsdell and their officers included John Clizbe, Pat Korn, and Frank Schowalter. Each year the class sponsored many projects, including a class party.


The Class of '63, as freshmen at the Old Geneva High, were led by the officers George Naddra, Blanche Courtney, Don Baylor, Dave Endress, Leslie Pratt, and Dorothy Steele. That year the class sold Christmas cards as a money raising project. As sophomores, their officers were George Naddra, Bill Keener, Blanche Courtney, Shirley Lastition, Eric Mynderse, and Carole Phillips.


A much larger class after consolidation, the Class of '63, as juniors, was led by the officers George Naddra, Mary Jo Hickok, Marjorie Rey­nolds, and Dave Tirabasso. This was the year of many new friends and many new projects. The class sponsored a magazine drive, a calendar production and sales, a candy booth at the home basketball games, Christmas card sales, and of course the "big" '61-'62 Prom.


As the Class of '63 completes its travels through high school, with of­ficers George Naddra, Ted Neuman, Mike Wilt, Jayne Hurst, and Mary Jo Hickok, they are proud of the job that they have done in the past years. In this senior, our most important year, the class has worked hard for their very successful magazine drive, the Aquila, and of course on plans for their graduation. Through the past four years the class has traveled far--in miles, in learning, and in personal growth. In the future, the Class of '63 will surely look back at their days at G.H.S. with gratitude and pleasure.