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                                                                                 1959 CLASS HISTORY 


As Freshmen we trudged through the halls under the supervision of Mr. Kochera, Mr. Ayers, Mr. Tarleton, and Mr. Thoma. Being a young and inexperienced class we were not foresighted enough to plan for our future needs so our only fund-raising projects were two dances. Our officers were Blair Willis, president; Pat Hallam, vice-president; Pat Davison, secretary; and Dick Parks, treasurer.


Our Sophomore year was one of excitement because that was the time of the opening of our beautiful new high school building. Under the guidance of Mrs. Duke, Miss Hysell, Miss Carroll, Miss Mansour and Mr. Uphoff we again sponsored two dances. But being a more resourceful class, we also sold stationery and had an egg-throwing booth at the carnival. That year's officers were Keith Welker, Tom Ford, Shade Ashley and Guy Wellman.


The next year was full of many activities and decisions, for this was the time to choose our class rings, and also to act as hosts at the Junior-Senior Prom. We sold candy, sponsored more dances, had concessions at the basketball games, all under the expert supervision of Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Patterson, Mrs. Fleming, Mr. Fondrk, and Mr. Darling. An amusing comedy, "Three Blind Mice," was chosen for our class play. This year we were led by Gary Allen, Jack Taylor, Larry Skidmore, Milo Bell and Lynn Gardner.


At last the long-awaited time had arrived -- and we were SENIORS. We conducted the annual Senior magazine sales, sold Christmas cards, sponsored dances, and supervised the concessions at the football games. Our play, "The Family Nobody Wanted," was an unusual play and a tremendous success. The responsibility for the "Aquila" was placed in the capable hands of Lynn Gardner and Janis Fuller. This year our sponsors were Mrs. Duke, Mr. Darling, and Mr. Gray, and our officers were Guy Wellman, Dave Colby, Juanita Courtney, and Mariland Stanclift. The dates that will linger the longest in our minds are May 31, Baccalaureate, and June 1, Graduation, although the night we were guests at the Prom will also be happily and long-remembered.


Our school years have been years of anticipation, happy memories, and lasting friendships. We entered High School as an eager, restless group, full of energy -- and we leave, a more thoughtful, conscientious, and experienced class, having gained much knowledge and wisdom. As we turn our eyes to the future, it is with deep regret that we must leave, but we do so with sincere thanks to the faculty for their co-operation in making our school years happy and memorable ones.