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Class of 1955

Board of Education

Mrs. McKee

Mr. E. A. Spafford

Mr. R. Barr

Mr. E. Spiegal

Mr. A. B. McCall

Mrs. Minnie Cook, Clerk


Mr. T. C. Bailey, Superintendent

Faculty And Staff

D. J. Caton, Principal                                                                                      Beverly Virant, Secretary

Edgar “Bud” Darling, World, History, Phys. Ed.                                          Lucille Duke, Science

Alfred M Ekern, Shop, Mechanical Drawing                                                 Andrew Fondrk, Biology, Drivers Training, Jr. High Health

Dorothy Jean Gross, English, Drama, Spanish                                               Ruth Holden, History, Geography

Lee R. Huffman, Psychology, Economic Geography                                    Peg, Hysell, Algebra, Math

Cyril J. Kochera, Physics, Chemistry, Science, Math                                     Roy A. Kuhl, Shorthand, Typing, Office Practice

Mary Mansour, English                                                                                   Ann Morrow, Speech, Girl’s Phys Ed

Edna Mynderse, Latin, English                                                                      Romeo Pallante, Band, Choir

Maude Paxton, Home Economics                                                                  Marjorie Pero, Biology, Science                                                                    

John Sherman, Math, Art                                                                                Marian Simpson, English, Choir

Scott Tarletan, Boys Phys. Ed., Ind. Arts                                                      Ferd Thoma, Am. History, Bookkeeping, Gen. Bus., Economics

Beverly Traub, Sociology, Business Math                                                      Clarence “Wally” Uphoff, Journalism

Alice Ward, English, Arithmetic


GHS School History

No doubt the log school house that stood on Eagle Hill on the South Ridge was the first school in Geneva.  This was built fall of 1867.


The first brick school building was erected fourteen years later [1881] where the Geneva Post Office now stands [the old post office on Broadway].  The teacher was paid two dollars a month, and was given board.


The Geneva Normal, built in 1868, was a four story building located behind the grade school building.  It was known as the White Normal.


The present grade school building was erected in 1889 and was remodeled in 1939.


The old high school building, erected in 1884, stood where the present one now stands.  In 1925 the cornerstone of the present high school was laid and the building was completed in 1925.


In 1954 ground was broken for a new high school on Sherman Street Extension.  This building is to house the four upper grades.  The planms include provisions for future expansion.  At the present, a gym, auditorium and one wing for classrooms is being constructed.   In the future another wing is to be added as the need demands.  Ample parking space in the rear of the building will be provided for all commuters, students, and teachers.  An architect’s design will be found at the front and rear of this annual.  Completion of this building is anticipated to be sometime in 1956.



Barbara Jean Anderson                 Emily Ruth (Aukerman)Savel                    John Joseph Avsec
Thomas Crittenden Barrett             John Elmer Bates                              Jane Elizabeth Boomhower
Jean Theresa Boomhower                William Charles Branham                       Kenneth Hooper Brown
Ronald John Cannon                    Edith Donna Carriagan                         Cora Marie Cirino
John David Derylak [Deceased]          Cynthia Ruth Dixon                            Richard Alter Duke
Richard Earl Dute                     Eileen Olive Firestone                        Shirley Mae Frazier
Jerry Eugene Eckert                   Richard Karl Erdman                           Richard Dean Fleming
Carol Ann Gallt                       Carole Ann Helberg                            Judith Ann Hilliker
Earl Howard Haffa                     Wesley Boyd Hawes                             James Trumbull Heath
Ronald Frederick Herpy                Carrie Faith Jackson                          Janet Louise (Jackson) Bell
Ronnie Charles Jamison                Ronald Keith Kapella                          Nancy Cathryn Kelly
Phyllis Ann Klimack                   Ruth Ann Koblec                               Carole Jean Krasneski
Robert Lawrence Krieg                 Mary Sue Light                                Nancy Clair Linhart
Barbara Lee Lister                    David Richard Love                            Carl Richard Lynch
Joanne Noreen Mallik                  Ronald Adrian Manthey                         Mary Julia McInnery
William Winston McNamara              Rosemary Ann McNellie                         Lettie Marie McSpadden
Albina Mae Metzler                    Jay Franklin Noyes                            Joanne Louise Nye
Russell David Orkin                   Phyllis Ann Park                              Judith Ann (Perrine) Gainelos
Ward Phillip Petri                    Gordon Arthur Pulsifer                        Beatrice Lucille Putt
Lois Louise Rae                       Mary Ann Robbins                              Patricia Ann Rucks
Vincent Rocco                         Ernest Harold Scott                           Richard M. Slanina
Jessie Laverne Sloan                  Hazel Elizabeth Smith                         Katherine Edith Spore
Marion Louise Spore                   Sylvia Eileen Sterrett                        Raymond Carl St. John
James Phillips Stokes                 Janet Elizabeth Thomas                        Louis Alden Volgelsang
Diana Lee Woodward                    Betsy C. Wright                                Richard Ray Zampini