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Class of 1951

Board of Education

Virgil D. Winkler, President

Robert Barr, Vice-President

Alex McColl

Margaret Morrison

Harold Wellman

Mrs. Minnie Cook, Clerk-Secretary


Paul Gallaher

Faculty And Staff

Delbert J. Caton, Attendance, Couselor

Edgar Darling, Physical Education, General Science

Alfred M. Ekern, Shop, Mechanical Drawing

Dolores Fitzpatrick, Physical Education

Dorothy Jean Gross, English, Drama

Ruth Holden, Geography, Social Studies

May Hubbel, History, Social Studies

Effie Hayden Hysell, Math

Roy Kuhl, Typing, Shorthand

Bruno Mallone, Physical Education

Harold McLallan, Phys., Driver Training

Gerald Nummi, Music

Ruth Pangburn,

Maude Paxton, Home Economics, Sewing

Marjorie Pero, Physical Education, Biology

John Sherman, Art, Math

Mary Ann Sherman, Math, Sewing

Alice Ward, English, Math


Mrs. Minnie Cook, Secretary


Earl Bartholomew, Head Custodian

Mr. P. Westlake, Custodian

Mr. Flack, Custodian

Mr. H. Conel, Custodian



Dale R. Arkenburg [Deceased]
Roberta L. (Barrett) Busse [Deceased]
Harry Stuart Burkholder [Deceased]
Kathleen (Phelps) Lastition
Sally Spencer