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Class of 1944

Board of Education

Mr. Virgil T. Bogue, President

Mr. K. W. Sparr

Mr. V. D. Winkler

Mr. Carroll Bartlett

Mrs. Esther Carle


Mr. Fred Anderson, Clerk and Treasurer


Mr. Harry E. Peck, Superintendent

Faculty And Staff

Mr. Harry E. Peck, Principal

Mrs. Mildred C. Beckwith, History, Civics

Miss Lois Burkart, English, Shorthand, Typing

Mr. Delbert Caton, Coach, Industrial Arts

Miss Wilma Cole, Health, Physical Education          

Mr. Alfred M. Ekern, Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing

Miss Julia M. Higgins, Commercial

Miss Ruth Holden, Social Studies

Miss Effie Hysel, Mathematics, Algebra

Miss Lois McCullough, English, Spanish

Miss Mary McKnight, Mathematics, Latin

Miss Maud Paxton, Home Economics

Miss Margaret S. Peck, Science

Mr. Victor Perry, General Science, Biology, Physics

Mr. Stanley Teachout, Music

Miss Ruth Tubaugh, English

Miss Dorothy A. West, English


Mrs. Don Armstrong, Secretary

Mr. Earl Bartholomew, Custodian


Janet C. Temky [Deceased]