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Class of 1932

Board of Education

Mr. Albert A. Searle, President

Mr. E. L. Manthey, Vice President

Mr. A. J. Hartman, Clerk

Mrs. William (Ruby) Delahan

Mr. V. D. Chaffee



Mr. David R. Frasher, Superintendent


Faculty And Staff

Harry E. Peck, Principal, Social Science

Miss K. Lucille Alter, Coach, Social Science

Mr. Robert L. Barr, Coach, Social Science

Mrs. Mildred C. Beckwith, Social Science, English

Miss Bessie M. Carroll, Domestic Science

Miss Adeline Delamater, French, English

Miss Lenora C. Dolphin, Commercial

Mr. Alfred M. Ekern, Manual training

Miss Bernice Edson, Art

Mrs. Edna C. Holt, Music

Miss Effie Hysel, Mathematics

Miss Katherine King, Arithmatic, Geometry

Miss Lillian P. Payer, Science

Miss Lillian M. Scudder, Latin, English

Mr. E. A. Spafford, Commercial, Biology

Mrs. Virginia B. Spafford, English, Journalism

Miss Mary A. Wendorff, English



Miss Florence L. Irwin, Librarian

Charles Bartholomew, Custodian



January Class

Grayce Cadmes                                                           Thelma R. Chapman                                                   Dean Christian

Margaret Hartner                                                        Lincoln J. Hasenflue                                                   R. Genevieve Marsh

Rose Russell                                                                Mary Eleanor Strnad                                                   Edwin Warner

Gerald Warring


June Class

Jean Sinclair Baird                                                      Elizabeth Josephine Baker                                          Ethel Mary Bartlett

Ruth Jane Beale                                                          Mary Theresa Beretich                                                Mamie M. Berry

Solly Charkoff                                                            Kenneth W. Clement                                                  Francis Roy Davis

Isabel Lucile Davis                                                     Alice Mae Dome                                                         Celia Edelberg

Paul Fleming                                                               Verne S. Fuller                                                            Emil Gabor

Myrl Gill                                                                     Florence M. Glines                                                      Antonia M. Grabelsek       

George Grapatin                                                         Esther Arlene Gray                                                     Marjorie Roselyn Haywood

Fred Weston Hutchinson, Jr                                       Dorothy E. Keyes                                                       Aletha Genevieve Klinger

Lucille Kathryn Kovalcik                                           Frances Louise Leslie                                                  Fred McCaughey

R. Milton Martin                                                         Olga Winnifred Mraz                                                  Edwin Mynderse

Leila Nash                                                                   Beulah Page                                                                Florence Ethel Payne

Alice Parker                                                                Sue Mae Prentice                                                        Kathryn Price

Olive Helene Price                                                      Chester R. Ralston                                                      Lloyd Rawson

David Reid                                                                 Mary Janette Rice                                                       Haze Robinson

Molly Roth                                                                  Ethel Sandler                                                              Joe Sgamballone

Evelyn Silverman                                                        Virginia Evelyn Skidmore                                          Gladys Soden

Ruth Irene Stokes                                                       Henry Stuetzer                                                            Lillian Margaret Sweet

Avon C. Thackwell                                                     Lucille Marie Unsinger                                               Amelia M. Urbas

Jeanette M. Warden                                                    Blaine Wilcox                                                            


In Memoriam

Alta Pancost

Howard Redmond