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Class of 1927

Board of Education

Mr. Albert A. Searle, President

Mr. F. D. Beardsley, Vice President

Mr. William  H. King, Clerk

Mrs. George H. Cowdery

Mrs. William Delahan



E. N. Dietrich, Superintendent


Faculty And Staff

Harry E. Peck, Principal, Science

Gladys A. Alter, Latin

K. Lucille Alter, Jr. High Soc. Science

Emma Campbell, Athletics, French

Bessie M. Carroll, Domestic Science

P. A. Elwood, Mathematics

Mrs. Edna C. Holt, Music

William H. Keplinger, Physical Education, Social Science

Mary E. Kerst, Commercial

Leah E. Noland, English and History

Miss Lillian P. Payer, Science

Mr. E. A. Spafford, Commercial

Mrs. E. A. Spafford, English

Mrs. Ruth C. Thomas, Mathematics

Miss Mary A. Wendorff, English


Grace Webster, President                                                  William Boetcker, Vice President                                      Caroline Eaton, Secretary
Gurdon Leslie, Treasurer                                                    Edward Allen                                                                     Roma Anderson
Vernona Atkins                                                                  Clarence Bidlack                                                                Margaret Brakeman                                                            
Louise Cook                                                                       Edith Cowdery                                                                  Helen Cox
Mary Craig                                                                         Helen Danforth                                                                  Loiis Ehrke
Eloise Fleming                                                                    Mary Gazdag                                                                      David Haine
Mildred Holmes                                                                 Carroll Houston                                                                  Harold Jeppe
Warner Keyes                                                                     Mildred Kirby                                                                     Marye Lewis
Agnes Martin                                                                      Bertha Miller                                                                      Beatrice Partee
Ruth Perkins                                                                       Doris Peterson                                                                    William Reynolds
Beatrice Rhode                                                                   Joseph Schwartz                                                                 Velma Shupp
Gerald Spring                                                                     Ruth Spring                                                                        Theodore Starkey
Elizabeth Stone                                                                  Ivan Sutliff                                                                         Lillian King Tilton
George Trapp                                                                      Frances Walter                                                                    Harold Wellman
Fred Woitke